Hotel accommodation
          Quality Inn Hotel - 700 Pike Street; Marietta, OH 45750 - phone 740.374.8190
          Special rate under KCBS -- $69.99 + tax per night. Must RSVP by June 5, 2017.

Prize Purse Break Down:

GC $1000; RGC $500

Each meat category:

1st $175; 2nd $150; 3rd $125; 4th $100; 5th $75

Mister Brisket from Cleveland, OH will be sponsoring the prize purse for the brisket category!!

Competition Date - October 27 & 28, 2017

Qualifying Dates - July 31, 2016 - July 31, 2017

In order for the Grand Champion to be considered into the lottery draw for the Jack, we need 25+ teams to compete!!!   Also, I do have the governor proclamation for this event!!

Our event is qualified for the Jack Daniel World Championship BBQ

** Regardless of the number of teams registered, this event will go on!! **

Qualifying Contest Criteria:
     Contests MUST have at least 25 competing teams at KCBS Sanctioned Event. 

         For a competitor to be considered a "competing team" for the American Royal Contest,

         You MUST submit entries for ALL contest categories required to be the Grand Champion or overall winner of the Marietta

         River City BBQ event.
     Contest organizer must fill out American Royal Qualifying Contest Information sheets and submit within 10 days of the contest.
     ONLY Grand Champions are invited. No pass downs will be accepted.

38th Annual American Royal World Series of Barbecue Competition

Competition Date - Aug 31, 2017 to Sept 3, 2017

Qualifying period: July 31, 2016 to July 31, 2017

Total award payout for this event is $4000. Award payout might increase depending on number of competitor teams. The award payout Includes Grand / Reserve / Each KCBS categories (Chicken, Ribs, Brisket and Pork) 1st to 5th place.

Competition Awards

The organizer of this event has the right to update / modify entry forms, team registration rules & procedures at any time. 

Friday Potluck Dinner @ 6pm


              Bring a dish to share at the jr fairground building. Great time to share your non-bbq dish                      and to mingle with other competitors and judges!!  This is optional attendance. In the team entry form, please write down how many people are attending.

1.  Friday arrival starts at 8am until 9pm. 

2.  Meat inspection starts at Friday 8am until 9pm.

3.  Mandatory cooks meeting at Friday 5pm.

Team Registration Procedures

1.  The early bird special entry fee (registered & paid by 3/31/17) for this competition is $250 per team.

     Starting 4/1/17 the entry fee for this competition will be $275 per team.

  • This includes entries in all 4 meats (Brisket, Chicken, Ribs and Pork)
  • Standard size space will be 30'L x 20'W. Campsite space will be available from 8am Friday to 6pm Saturday departing. If your team needs a bigger campsite space than the standard size, please contact the organizer. Extra charge may apply.
  • Will try to accommodate blacktop or grass campsite space.

  • ​Water is included.

  • Electric is included. Please let the organizer know what type of power you need for your equipment.  The fairground has 30A / 50A .
  • Additional $35 for 2nd campsite hook up for camper / RV. Please contact the organizer.
  • Restrooms & showers are available.

2.  Staying extra days at the fairgrounds. 

  • Additional $35 for campsite space if arriving on Thursday.
  • Additional $35 for campsite space if staying from 6pm Saturday to Sunday.

​3.  Must follow Washington County Fairgrounds Rules.

​Please register by May 27, 2017.

Extended registration to June 3, 2017. (postmark by the date or email sent to 


  • Credit Card processing fee is non-refundable.
  • If you cancel by May 13, 2017, your entry fee $250/$275 will be refunded. After May 13, 2017, your entry fee $250/$275 will be credited to next year's competition in Marietta, Ohio.

Team Registration Rules

Competitors Information Page

Marietta River City BBQ